We started this company because we have a passion for the island that we want to share with the people lucky enough to come to Oahu.

Nau-Wale-No-Private-Tours-Picnic     Our company specializes in Private, Customized Tours of Oahu. Our guests are the only ones on the tour with our guides and each guest’s itinerary is customized for them based on their interests. This can include a day of Hawaiian history and culture, photography, a more active itinerary that includes snorkeling and short hikes, circle island tours, local food tastings, etc.. Some of our guests have seen or read things about the island and prefer to help plan their itinerary and some guests prefer that we plan the entire day for them.

     When visitors take a large bus or group tour around the island they don’t have a one on one experience and are often rushed from stop to stop because of their time constraint with their set itinerary. They do not truly experience the “aloha” and “magic” which is what binds the locals of the island together. Our guests get to enjoy our favorite spots, foods, enjoy our stories of the island, and get to soak in and actually experience the moment.

Nau Wale No Private Tours SUP     Another great thing about our private tours is that if we see a roadside stand with fresh mango, we can stop and treat our guests to a sweet snack, or if our guests would like to pick up a bottle of wine and stop at a to have a glass and relax, we can provide this experience for them unlike most tour companies.


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